The Door 

January was a great month for writing. I dedicated a lot of time to working on my first novel, The Door, and I’m thrilled to say that I was able to write over 20,000 words over the course of the month, and now I have finished my first draft!

The next step is to send it out to my test readers (including my lovely Patrons, for those who are interested), and then I’ll be getting down to the hard work of making the story the best that it can be!

The Door is an exciting story of adventure, danger, and mystery. I am really proud of it so far, and I’m looking forward to making it even better.

Help Make It Happen


Tribal villages, kidnapped children, a desperate hunt for an illusive mythical creature. Welcome to the world of Captives, a collaborative storytelling project that I had the privilege to be a part of. Captives features the work of several talented authors, with each contributor writing about the same events, but from the perspective of a different protagonist. I wrote the story of Anwen, a spirited girl from the windswept cliffs of a coastal fishing village. Check out the website to read the whole story!

Anwen’s Story About Captives