Leane Winger

Author ~ Poet ~ Playwright



We are all human

Each of us, beautifully unique and complex, a masterpiece unlike any other.

But deep down, our experience of life is incredibly similar. We feel joy and anticipation, disappointment and frustration. We can be deeply hurt, lonely, and cynical. Often we hurt others in return. But it is in finding these commonalities between us all that we can begin building bridges between ourselves again. And, perhaps, we may find that we are not so very alone after all.


Through fiction, poetry, and script, Leane tells stories that resonate deeply, that inspire us to say, “I’m like that too. I understand”.


At times whimsical, humorous, and suspenseful, Leane’s stories explore how people respond to difficult and unusual situations.


Leane’s poetry distills into words the moments of life that many of us face, both painful and beautiful.


From short scripts to full-length musicals, Leane shares the truths of our human experiences and emotions through the characters she brings to life for the stage.

About leane

A lover of the written word, Leane puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) whenever she has the chance. She also enjoys directing, playing music, gardening, and going hiking with her husband and two boys.

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