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I am an artist who writes music, poetry, stageplays, novels, devotionals, short stories, and musicals. I also enjoy painting, drawing, and crafting. As a mother of three young boys and the wife of an adventurous husband, I find every day filled with excitement and wonder.

In writing fiction, I love to bring my readers along on a journey of adventure and transformation, combining memorable characters and a compelling stories to create novels that “you just can’t put down”, drawing inspiration from my love of fantasy and my husband’s many outdoors adventures.

I have been writing, adapting, and directing stageplays ever since I was young. Combining my love of theatre with my love of music, I embarked into the world of musical theatre, and my first musical, The Girl From Moab, was finished in early 2020.

Poetry, for me, is a way to grapple with the ups and downs of life and to give expression to my hopes, fears, and dreams. In doing so, I have found that my poetry resonates with many people who have shared that my poems have given words to feelings that they have also experienced.

A love of nature permeates much of my work, born from my years growing up in Victoria BC, exploring its rocky beaches and climbing its windswept hills. Now my family lives in the remote and beautiful community of Mackenzie BC, where we strive to live in a way that cares for the earth and the people around us.

At the heart of all my writing lies my faith in Jesus, and my desire to live a life of grace, compassion, and reconciliation. I hope that the words I have written touch your heart, and through that, make the world a better place.


It is the direct support that I receive from people like you that allows me to continue writing and pursuing my art. Please consider supporting me and my work!

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