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EPUB download of Ashes by Leane Winger. Book Two of The Reawakening Trilogy.



They said it was haunted.

As Thea settles into her new home on the shore of the sea, she soon learns that there is a reason the old house was abandoned for so long. Strange, haunting cries return every nightfall, leading Thea and her friends to a bewildering discovery. What is ancient dragon treasure doing here, so far from the great mountains where the dragons live, and how is it connected to Sylica’s strange, unpredictable magic?

Thea doesn’t have any answers, but as Sylica’s uncontrollable magic surges grow worse, Thea decides to set out on the dangerous journey to return the treasure to the place it belongs—the home of the Dragons.

Book Two of The Reawakening Trilogy. Suitable for Adult, Young Adult, and Teen readers.

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