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Signed paperback edition of Spark by Leane Winger. Book One of The Reawakening Trilogy.



No one goes to the Dark Lands. 

Ever since the Great War, the Dark Lands have been a desolate and dangerous waste, haunted by monsters. Every Elf knows that.

But Larsya—the home of the Elves—is a place full of wisdom and culture, and most importantly, safely isolated from all that lurks beyond the sea. As the niece of the Chancellor, young Thea has grown up with everything she could want … until a strange visitor from the Dark Lands ignites Thea’s awakening abilities and leads her to the unsettling realization that the Elves are not as safe they seem, and the war may not be over after all.

Book One of The Reawakening Trilogy. Suitable for Adult, Young Adult, and Teen readers.



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2 reviews for Spark

  1. Michael Housser

    Spark was an absolute blast of a book, with an amazing balance of storytelling to describe a truly spectacular world and action to keep the story exciting and interesting. Spark is one of the best books I have read for a long time, and I would 100% recommend the entire Reawakening Trilogy to anyone who enjoys The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, or The Hobbit.

  2. Linda

    Spark is full of beautiful description of land, characters and adventure! I found the experiences and challenges of the characters both interesting and thought provoking, often turning my mind to real life events.

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