The Door

Alex eased his pack to the ground and looked around the empty campsite—the last known location of his friends, 57 hours ago. 

On a mountaineering expedition gone awry, Alex and his friends stumble upon something they never expected to find: a mysterious door hidden beneath a glacier. Driven by the excitement of discovery, Alex’s friends are determined to return, but they are not the only ones who are interested in what the door might contain. When his friends go missing, Alex will have to brave the dangers of the mountain, evade the Historical Acquisitions Agency, and use all his wits and resourcefulness if he is going to unlock the secret of the door and find a way to bring his friends home.

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Thea’s Story

All Elves have a special kind of sight. Some can see light waves, some can observe tiny particles and atoms, some can see the connections between people and how they influence each other. When an Elf discovers their elf-sight, they begin the process of taking their place as an adult within Elvish society. For Thea, however, the realization that she has spirit-sight leads to the discovery that everyone she knows and loves has spirits that are dead. When a human with a bright, living spirit visits the land of the Elves, Thea is caught up in an adventure that will change her life—and the world—forever.

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Short Stories

Whimsical and delightful, Leane’s short stories feature lovable protagonists, peculiar circumstances, and lots of heart.


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An Awkward Saturday

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The Old One

Articles & Blogging

Leane has been blogging at Adventures of a Wayfarer for over five years, with content that spans from reflections on life, to practical DIY instructions, to family photos. If you are interested in seeing more of Leane’s work, there is plenty to peruse!

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