No one goes to the Dark Lands. 

Ever since the Great War, the Dark Lands have been a desolate and dangerous waste, haunted by monsters. Every Elf knows that.

But Larsya—the home of the Elves—is a place full of wisdom and culture, and most importantly, safely isolated from all that lurks beyond the sea. As the niece of the Chancellor, young Thea has grown up with everything she could want … until a strange visitor from the Dark Lands ignites Thea’s awakening abilities and leads her to the unsettling realization that the Elves are not as safe they seem, and the war may not be over after all.

Book One of The Reawakening Trilogy.


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They said it was haunted.

As Thea settles into her new home on the shore of the sea, she soon learns that there is a reason the old house was abandoned for so long. Strange, haunting cries return every nightfall, leading Thea and her friends to a bewildering discovery. What is ancient dragon treasure doing here, so far from the great mountains where the dragons live, and how is it connected to Sylica’s strange, unpredictable magic?

Thea doesn’t have any answers, but as Sylica’s uncontrollable magic surges grow worse, Thea decides to set out on the dangerous journey to return the treasure to the place it belongs—the home of the Dragons.

Book Two of The Reawakening Trilogy.


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Gedwyld. Target 4.

The enemy is on the move, and Thea must do all she can to get the Resistance to the only place of safety she knows—her home on the shore of the sea.

They don’t have long. As Thea and her companions hurry towards the human city of Gedwyld, they find houses in flames, people running for their lives, and an army of strong, intelligent monsters, determined to destroy anyone who is loyal to the Deity. And they’re there because of Thea.

Book Three of The Reawakening Trilogy.


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The Door

Alex eased his pack to the ground and looked around the empty campsite—the last known location of his friends, 57 hours ago. 

On a mountaineering expedition gone awry, Alex and his friends stumble upon something they never expected to find: a mysterious door hidden beneath a glacier. Driven by the excitement of discovery, Alex’s friends are determined to return, but they are not the only ones who are interested in what the door might contain. When his friends go missing, Alex will have to brave the dangers of the mountain, evade the Historical Acquisitions Agency, and use all his wits and resourcefulness if he is going to unlock the secret of the door and find a way to bring his friends home.


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Whimsical and delightful, Leane’s short stories feature lovable protagonists, peculiar circumstances, and lots of heart.


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