An Awkward Saturday

All he wanted was a day off, but when a stranger offers him a few bucks to go to a suit fitting, the day starts to get stranger … and stranger. Wait, did he just get married to a stranger?



A Villain’s Tale

Villain-in-training Amy Willam is eager to make an impression as she arrives at the Kingston School For Heroes and Villains, but her foolproof master plan does not quite go as expected. Who is she really fooling? 



Santa’s Gift

It is a cold winter, and Hattie’s poor family can’t afford enough coal to heat their small house. Hattie has a solution: get on Santa’s naughty list so he will bring a sack of coal instead of a present. With one day left until Christmas, can she be naughty enough to undo a whole year of being good?


The Old One

Tired and cynical, the Old One breathes a sigh of relief as he completes his task, but his peace is shattered by his young and exuberant successor. Is there hope for the future, or do things never really change?



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