Silent Night: A Christmas Prayer Journey


A Christmas devotional for prayer walks, group events, and personal reflection. Free PDF download.



That Christmas brought both joy and pain, is yours a bit like mine?

There is nothing like Christmas, a time loved and anticipated by so many, while also being a time of grief and pain to many others. It is a hectic time, an overwhelming time, a joyful and exciting time. It is a time when, sometimes, we wish to pause and reflect on the birth of our Saviour, so long ago. Silent Night, A Christmas Prayer Journey uses poetry, Bible verses, and questions for reflection to guide us on a journey of prayer and discovery as we slow down and engage with our own hearts and the story of Jesus’s birth.

Silent Night: A Christmas Prayer Journey was written to accompany a four-station prayer walk, exploring themes of anticipation, grief, rest, and celebration as we enter the season of Christmas. It is also an excellent resource for personal devotions, church events, and group Bible studies.

For more information on using this resource as the booklet for a prayer walk, you can contact the author.


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