The Wind

The wind is calling me,
Its siren song echoing across the sky
Catching the trees in its turbulent embrace
Sweeping down from the skies to grace the earth with a kiss
While leaves scuttle and dance down the street.

The wind is calling me,
Winding its way past the pages of time
Pausing by a viewpoint high above the evergreens
Rocky crags surrounded by stunted oak and smooth arbutus
Where the ravens soar and dance on a radiant autumn day.

The wind is calling me,
Beckoning me back to the shores of the sea
Where breakers roar and crash on the rocks
While the wind sends glistening spray skyward
And there is salt in the air.

The wind is calling me,
Sweeping aside the cold concrete of the city
Unveiling a haven where the world is wild and green
I find myself following ancient paths
With wonder and adventure around every bend.

The wind is calling me.


Sometimes the silence


Sometimes the silence is deafening.

Oppressive weight crushing my chest

Of words that can’t be said

And tears that can’t be cried

The ache of all that should not be

The thieving tide, unpredictable,

Turning, seeping away

Beyond my reach.

Sometimes the silence is deafening.


Sometimes the silence is holy. 

Seeping into every corner of my being,

Sacred and undefinable,

Gently bidding me to linger still

Where presence is a gift,

And all that is required.

Sometimes the ache is right and good

And eternity bends close.

Sometimes the silence is holy. 



Do you mind?

We’ve been trained and been drilled,
learned our lesson so well:
the tenets upon which our culture stands—
keep your hands off.
Every person’s an island,
so mind your own business.

But if our own business is all we mind,
everyone else is left behind.
How can we be so blind
to the lonely and hurting,
averting our eyes
from each sight that implies
we may not be quite as self-sufficient
as we want to believe.
We deceive ourselves,
ignoring those who don’t have a voice,
who can’t make the choice
to cry for help.

When we’re so busy with our own business
we don’t even notice
when people disappear right from under our noses.
And they’re gone,
and they know they were right all along
because nothing really changes.
Relationship was just an illusion.
A delusion
that someone might actually care
if I’m even there.

But they care.
At least, they think they do—
they’re trying to,
but how can someone really know it’s true
when all you’re given are post-it notes
slipped from prison cell to prison cell
with meaningless platitudes
and out of context Bible verses.

We know there should be so much more
than our poor attempts
at reaching beyond the wall we’ve built
to hide ourselves from discomfort.
While handshakes are nice and all
they tend to fall
a little short
when you are drowning.

How can we even show that we care more
when we’re trained to ignore
those we pass on the street
all the strangers we meet
that we greet
and forget.

Good wishes without substance are not very appealing,
and caring isn’t just a feeling.
But no one will ever know its there
if we won’t dare
to step out of our little box
into the mess of others’ lives.

So would you mind
if we could mind
just a little more than we do,
and find
we are the lonely and hurting ones



Dark eyes look in mine for the last time
As the knife slices between my ribs.

Pain explodes.
Lifeblood oozes out of me
Staining everything red.
I can’t look away.

Where was Laocoon’s warning?
I accepted your gift without question,
Heedless of Cassandra’s cries
Until—too late—
The charade was over
And Troy began to burn.

You got what you wanted,
And you’re finished with me;
Thrown to the floor with Tamar.
What you called love was only a delusion.

There was no kiss
When you sold me for thirty pieces of silver;

Instead, you said your farewell
With a twist of the blade
And a kick in the gut.


Isaiah 9:2

The people walking in darkness
walking in depression
walking in anxiety
walking in grief
walking in fear
lost and alone

Have seen a great light
a great hope
a great peace
a great joy
a great love
a Saviour

On those living in the land of deep darkness
the land ravaged by famine
the land torn by war
the land shattered by injustice
the land numbed by affluence
a broken and hurting world

A light has dawned
a hope has dawned
a peace has dawned
a joy has dawned
a love has dawned
God is with us




I want to see you cry
see the tears in your eyes
and know that she mattered
to you
Feel the throb well up
in my own heart
because I loved her


I want to know
I’m not alone
in this darkness they call
This pain dammed up
inside of me
your tears give me


I want to see you cry
see the tears in your eyes
and feel that it is
That when you trust me
with your tears
my tears become safe



children of the wind and sky

Children of the wind and sky,
Dancing across the fields,
Hair blowing in the breeze,
Swept back from shining eyes
And dazzling smiles.

Children of the water and waves,
Laughter bubbling, brimming over,
Flinging recklessly into my arms,
Giggling, wriggling, fleeing,
Returning with arms open wide.

Children of the sea and sky,
Wild, chaotic beauty
Uncontainable within my arms;
Infectious delight of life itself
Frees my heart to soar with theirs.


Tender Heart


Tender heart,

you bleed all over

this broken, hardened world,

holding the shards

of yet another hope,

shattered beyond repair. 


Aching heart,

drawing so tightly 

within your paper-thin walls—

an illusion of shelter

between a cruel world

and your lifeblood.


Courage, dear heart,

your spirit bears

within this gift of pain

a gentleness so strong

to die a thousand deaths

and still know how to cry.




Be Still, Little One

Be still, little one.
Let the busyness wash past you
Like the breeze that caresses your skin.
The world may be rushing onward;
Little one, be still.
Look down – did you notice
The weed poking up through the ground,
Its delicate leaves unfurled
Toward the early morning light.
Did you forget
To hold a dewdrop on your finger
And see the world a little better
In its crystalline reflection,
To feel each breath rush inside you
And disperse with a prayer.
Look up – did you notice
How each leaf dances,
The sunlight refracting
Through a thousand glittering emeralds.
Did you forget
To hear the humming bees
And know yourself a little better,
To close your eyes and listen
To the heartbeat all around you
And the silence.
Be still, little one.
Let the busyness wash past you
Like the gentle water flowing.
The world may be rushing onward;
Little one, be still.


Memorial Garden


do ashes feel the cold
do they know
that life once flowed hot
through their veins

why should absence hurt so much

does the wind just blow
or is a heart behind it
and does it make a difference
to these tears

loving never really stops

do these words spoken here
somehow mean more
than words we’ve spoken
somewhere else

walls of stone cannot contain you
freer than you’ve ever been

does there come a day
the flowers fade
and no one visits

maybe I will have a little girl someday

is it strange that I still see
God’s loving hand
beyond the ache and tears
a gift 



While it was Still Dark

She knew what hopelessness was like
But this time somehow it was worse
For she knew love and hope and peace
Then watched as senseless violence burned
Her hope and future into ash
The one she loved, teacher and friend
Tortured and murdered ruthlessly
The eyes that saw her see no more
The hands that touched and healed the sick
Now bloodied, mutilated, dead
Despair and fear now fill her heart
As friends disperse, flee for their lives
And yet she cannot stay away
Her heart still yearns for what is lost
She slips away, out of the city
While it was still dark.

With heavy heart she seeks the tomb
No hopes or plans in mind except
To be close to the one she loved
To care for him one final time
She weeps and walks her lonely road
Believing that this is the end
But soon she’ll find the tomb unbarred
Her fear and sorrow overwhelmed
Engulfed by wonder beyond hope
Before her eyes he stands alive—
But she is still upon the road
In grief and darkness and despair
Continues faithful step by step
To where her heart at last will know
The miracle already happened
While it was still dark.


O Mountain


O Mountain, where have you gone?
Bulwark of strength

Beautiful, you pierced the sky,
Defined the horizon
Faithful guide

A solace once, for restless hearts
Place of belonging
Crumbled, gone

Compass points spin, undefined
Fearful absence dominates
A new horizon

But there is one unchangeable
A refuge still remaining
In the chaos

O Mountain, know I will not fear
Though all else may fall
Still He is here



From the Trees


straight and tall


toward the giver of light


wide your arms to receive all that is poured out to you


those growing beside you


the free air once again



Fear, Your Day Is Over


Fear, your day is over.
I have listened long enough
To your whispers and lies
That seek to paralyze and haunt me.

I used to be your plaything
Caught in your icy grip
Drowning in waves of terror
You had your fun
As each new fear
Tightened your chains.

You thought I was yours
But your pride was your downfall
For you pulled the chains too tight
And I recognized you for who you are
And remembered
I know the one who has the key.

Fear, I know your little game now
Every time you stole my imagination
Filling it with endless things
That could go wrong
You piled calamity upon calamity
I died a thousand deaths
But you could not touch me
What would you have me fear now?
You have said it all before.

There’s no reason for me to fear you
Or listen to your whispered lies
You do not define me
I live in the house of love
I belong to the Prince of Peace
Fear, your day is over
I am free.




A vessel, dry

An empty cup

In your great pow’r

Come! Fill it up.


A body, dead

A hope denied

In your mercy

Breathe life inside.


A life laid down

Called by your name

In your great love

Come! Light your flame.