There are many things that make you who you are. Your experiences are a part of that. Your gifts, your passions, your family and friends, they are all a part of that. And most of all, you are mine …

Have you ever been hurt so deeply that forgiveness seemed impossible? There is a lot of brokenness in the world – disaster, sickness, death, broken relationships. Untitled imagines what might happen if we could sit down with Jesus and talk to him about the pain that we have experienced. Perhaps, after that conversation, we wouldn’t be the same.

Cast: 6+

Running time: approx. 13 minutes


A Letter to the Church

Paul and Timothy, slaves of Christ Jesus. I am writing to all of God’s holy people in Philippi who belong to Christ Jesus …

A Letter to the Church explores the circumstances surrounding Paul writing his letter to the Philippians, the challenges facing the church in Philippi, and how Paul’s words can impact our lives today. The script includes a reading of the complete letter to the Philippians in a dynamic and engaging context that brings the text to life in a new way.

Cast: 11+

Running time: approx. 25 minutes



Strangers explores the fallout of what happens when five strangers are forced to interact with each other because of circumstances outside of their control. When our fears, failings, and prejudices spill over, is conflict inevitable? Or is it possible to meet God in the face of another?

Strangers is currently in progress. Contact me for more information on when it will become available.


Interested in a Script?

Leane offers her short scripts free of charge for not-for-profit and amateur contexts. Contact Leane for further information, or to request a preview copy.